Battlegames - “Bringing In the Harvest”







The Day One battlegames will be fairly standard style games (i.e. caravan, domination points, kill the king type fare), with an overlay of the weekend’s theme: get the harvest in safely! There will be rounds of Two Man Forever run as warm-ups beforehand, and then two scenario based games that will run between 45 minutes and an hour each. There will be 20-30 minute breaks between each game.

Company Battle

A Battle of the Dens staple, the Company Battle will take place bright and early on Sunday. We’ll hold Circle of Steel for company commanders approximately 30 minutes before lay on so that we can review the rules and any updates to accommodate for participation levels. Company commanders will need to present the company’s flag at this meeting, and it is recommended that flags be no smaller than 2’ x 3’ for the purposes of this game. Final rules TBD.

BotD Fighting Tournament - Pitmaster, Warlord Sports Style

The BotD Championship tournament will continue to be the Pitmaster stomping grounds, though this year we’ll be adding another layer and running things Warlord Sports style. The first portion will be fought in the evening on Saturday in 25 minute long Pools sections, and then the final single-elimination eight-person Swiss Style brackets will be run around midday on Sunday.

There will be four brackets: Single, Flo, Board and Open. Points will be awarded for placing in each of the four brackets - 5 points for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd. The entrant with the most points from all four brackets will be granted the non-noble title of “BotD Survivor.”

Nine Blades Ladies Tournament

2017 saw rise to a new trend - recognition and encouragement of female fighters across Amtgard. We’ve seen a number of major events try their hands at running women’s tourneys, and thought BotD would be a great place for us to do the same. The Ladies Tournament will be run single-elimination in Swiss Style, and consist of three brackets (Single, Flo and Board).

Points will be awarded for placing in the three brackets, the same as the Pitmaster above. The entrant with the most points from all three brackets will be granted the non-noble title of “BotD Shieldmaiden.”

Archery Tournament - ft. Paragon Archer, Caroline Morin - " The Mice Will Play"

Participants will move along a board like living game pieces. Landing on squares will require them to perform certain actions, such as shooting a specific still or moving target. At times, players may attempt to take each other out. The archer who reaches the final square first will win the game. Players must provide, or have arranged access to, their own legal bows and arrows.

Capture the Flag

CtF is often touted as the focus, or central element of Battle of the Dens. While we’ve grown accustomed to a slightly shorter game than in year’s past, our goal is to create a fast-paced, intense game that keeps both teams fighting until the very end. This year’s Capture the Flag will actually feature three flags - a central, Neutral Flag, and two Team Flags. Points are scored by capturing the Neutral Flag from its spawn point at the Rock and bringing it to your Team's base.

  • Each base has a trio of flag holders at its center (one holder for each flag)
  • If the Neutral Flag is in a Team's Flag Holders for a consecutive 30 minutes, points are scored. (1 point is scored at this time, with 1 bonus point if the enemy's Team Flag is also captured. There is no time requirement for the Enemy Team Flag being captured).
  • Flags are Game Items and can only be manipulated with a free hand (which is not considered free while holding a flag).

There will be refreshes whenever one team captures the Neutral Flag twice in a row, and a Half-Time Break for 20 minutes between hours 3 and 4 (marked at the first capture or timer interruption). This is expected to include the following:

  • An opportunity to eat
  • A refresh (Players can change classes/spell lists and Magic Item selection - if available/desired)
  • Magic Items are also recharged (i.e. a single Talisman can be used twice - one before Half Time, and once after).

Note: trinkets are still one-use-only, so a second set of Trinkets will be needed if a Player wishes to use them each half.

Dead Players are to move to Nirvana (Hall of Heroes) if they are not waiting where they died, and players in Nirvana are released in 3 minute waves, after having waited at least a full 3 minutes. Therefore, players are released on the *second* wave mark after arriving at Nirvana. Once released from Nirvana, Players may return to a Team's Spawn Point to come Alive

For this year’s game, players will be able to Pre-Reg in Squads of five:

  • Classes, Levels, and Magic Items will need to be provided
  • Cut-off will be the Sunday night before BotD (when event Pre-Reg closes)
  • These Squads will be balanced into two teams
  • All remaining Players wishing to participate will be balanced onto the two teams as singles in the hour preceding the game on Saturday morning
  • The only way to ensure you’re on the same team as someone is to Pre-Reg
  • Jeet (Kendall) and Wilbur (Dylan) will be this year's team captains 


Mini Quests

There will be 3 Mini Quests that can be run by small groups - “We Just Want to Camp,” “The Flower Merchant,” and “Bring in the Cavalry!” They’ll be run in the afternoon on Day One, during approximately 2 hours blocks of time. One of them will be stand-alone, and the other two will be related to the main quest.

Night Quest

Stealing a page from the Keep on the Borderlands Night Quest, we’ll be looking at an instance based model this year. Small to medium sized teams will be able to enter the quest field at staggered intervals and participate until they’ve run the course of the storyline. There will be perks and bonuses that augment the storyline for main quest, as a result of excellent roleplay, speedy completion and other quest goals.

The woods are once again strange at night - the howls of the wolves a symphony, rising and falling. An eerie, mysterious song. Or maybe, their chorus is a warning.

Main Quest

Our story has already begun - three NPC factions are already operating across the Principality. The scenarios, as they occur, affect the twists and turns of our plot, making the players, themselves, the center of our story. An ambitious lead-in with “flashpoints” at parks across the Principality from now until BotD spins a tale of outcasts, hunters, monsters, and gods drawn inexorably towards the Steel Phoenix, and its sought after power, an “old school” Sever - true death - all flowing from the choices of you, our players.

Our “Bardic Network” storytelling feature will keep parks informed as these events occur - recountings from your own park will reach taverns across the Principality, and so will the tale you, our protagonists, sculpt reach the taverns across the Nine Blades.

What you do matters, be your levels be few or many, your sash be trimmed in silver, or your garb be emblazoned by the iconography of Phoenixes, black or white. In fact - where you arrive from will open up special avenues of adventure, with something for all levels of experience and achievement.

Join us, if you will, for the time of the Harvest. Join us for the ringing of Steel.


Crafter Circles

The Friday A&S time will be dedicated to a series of crafter circles where artisans will be encouraged to meet up and talk shop (possibly while working on projects)! There will be three general sessions, and there will either be some supplies made available, or encouragement to bring projects to putter away at.

*Session I: The Serpent Life - talk with some veteran crafters about the stuff that is important to them. Where do they find inspiration? How do they work through blocks? What are they working on these days? (Feel free to bring things to work on)

*Session II: Scroll Shop - last year we had a group of artists chill in a tent for a while and churn out some awards. This year, we’ll be doing some of the same. There will be a variety of materials and mediums, with a list of scrolls that need to be made (none that will be secrets, or overtly obvious as to who they are going to). Come on over and create something from scratch, or color in some ready made lineart! Make someone’s event that much more memorable!

*Session III: Constructive Critiques - sometimes it is easier to talk through an item when there’s a bit more time, and the conversation can be live. This circle will be intended for people to bring out their stuff (complete or not) and get in-the-moment, in-person feedback.

BotD A&S Tournament


The A&S Tournament format has been updated! See here for more info!

A&S Classes

We’re looking at running three sessions of classes on Saturday, of approximately an hour and a half each. Each session will consist of two options, for a total of six classes. While some of our class selection will depend on resources (power via generator, table space, tools, etc), others will depend on teacher availability.

To ensure high attendance and engagement, we’ll be running some polls to figure out what people want to see most, and when.

  • Looking to bring in some more specialized classes (shoemaking, corsetry, silk screening, etc.) so that we can share some of our experts’ knowledge
  • Interested in getting a teacher from outside 9B to present something in their area of study/medium of choice
  • Will be designating an A&S zone on site so that we can dedicate tables, chairs and tent space, a small generator and lighting if necessary
  • We’re aiming to make classes low-to-no cost, though there may be a small material component if we get into some of the more costly subjects
  • Some classes will be focused on hands on production, whereas others may have more of a seminar format. Most will send attendees home with a partial or completed project, but some may be fit for pure observation.
The Gallery

Another new feature of this year’s BotD will be The Gallery. During tournaments, it can be hard for eventers to walk through and get a look at the items being entered. Other times, you’ll have entered something already and won’t be able to submit again due to tourney rules. That won’t be a problem at this year’s event! Bring your best work to the gallery where you can showcase what you’re most proud of. Event goers will be encouraged to visit and see what the artisans of our principality have been getting up to.

  • There will be ribbons provided to items that placed in the BotD A&S tournament to indicate their performance
  • There will also be dishes for artisans to place with their display if they wish to compete in a People’s Choice vote. Visitors who come to the gallery will be granted a selections of beads and encouraged to vote for the items that catch their eye.
  • Merchants can also include business cards or a lookbook, if they’d like to advertise their wares and services!