The BotD Arts & Sciences Tournament

The arts and sciences tournament at Battle of the Dens XXII will be a kingdom level tournament. Each person can enter 1-3 entries. Those with only one entry will be have the chance to win the title, “Best in Show.” Those with 2-3 entries will have each item scored individually and then an average will be calculated to determine, “The Dens' Chief Crafter," and overall winner. Entries that are entered in this tournament cannot have been entered in any other previous tourney and must have been finished within the last 6 months.

  This tournament will run throughout Saturday afternoon, so all items needing to be submitted by noon on Saturday, August 4th. Judging will commence at 1pm and all rubrics will be submitted and compiled by Sunday afternoon. The winners will be presented during court.

Awards to be granted consist of

  • “Best in Show”- best single entry scored
  • “Best New Up-and-Comer”- best entry crafted by a crafter with 4 or less awards in the entered category
  • “The Dens Chief Crafter”- best overall combined entries (average of 2 or 3 entries)

          Please refer to the “Rising Winds Judging Criteria (Made by Sir Manama)” document, which is attached for guidance on entries and how they are going to be judged.

Click here for Categories and Judging Sheets